I have been on various online dating sites on and off for the past couple of years. Not searching for my true love (been there done that). I am looking for someone that I enjoy spending time with. Someone who is a confidant, a lover and a friend. I started off with a serious passionate profile about who I am and who I am looking for, but over time I grew bored. Time for a change.

Re-invention works: Look at Madonna & Cher. Knowing your target market and then going after it is one of the ingredients to success. This rules works in all facets of life-both business and personal. It’s a numbers game and if you want to be successful at it you have to know how to play.

A few months ago I decided to try an experiment, a marketing ploy. What do men love about women? What do they want? After reading many male profiles, the reoccurring theme is that men want a woman who is a fun ISEC (Intellectual Stimulating Eye Candy-I made that up). Hmmmmm….Okay, I can do that.

Off to the writing board. Keep it light and make them laugh are my objectives. First, I need a UserName which will catch their eye. Well, the song “HotChild in The City” comes to mind, so HotChild2012 is my Username. Next, a compelling headline which will draw them in: I got it! “Mrs. Robinson Looking For…LOL :)” says it all. Older woman aka a Cougar looking for a younger man…Every younger man’s fantasy -“Come here Benjamin”. (The Graduate). LOL is all the rage for acronyms (laugh out loud or lot’s of love) and symbols let others know our emotions :)

All right, I got this far, I’m on a roll. The online dating site wants me to write a Profile. What to write? It’s telling me I must write a minimum of100 characters. Let me think about this. Something funny-one liners or funny quotes would be the theme.  I will start out with various quotes from others. Well maybe I should write about what makes me laugh. Oh this will work. “Humor let’s our guard down, it’s a way into the front door, but once we are in, we are already looking for our escape route”. -ME. How true is that?

I will write about my experiences of online dating:  My musings, observations, and conversations. The good, the bad and the ugly. Instead of venting in an angry way, I will turn my horrible experiences into comical experiences. Telling a story, getting my point across in a comical way will make men understand who I am and what I am looking for from them without the fear of retribution. I will let you in on a little secret: You must refrain from doing the following when in the company of men you like: Don’t talk about your ex husband, boyfriend, etc. and, do not complain about their species. Also bitching is not cool. Remember keep it light, men can’t deal with drama (granted they are the ones that help create the drama – leaving us to fend off their stupidity). But; aah that’s for another day.

I didn’t just write 100 characters but 1000’s – 4 pages later. Revised a few times-I like it. I’m done for now. I did it on purpose because a long profile weeds out men who can’t read more than a word or a sentence. I am looking for ISEC’s who make me laugh; remember what that acronym is-you will be quizzed.

The writing is done. Next. Oh no! The dreaded pictures. I need to post up to eight pictures of me, myself and I. Hmmmmm….this is bringing back bad memories. Ever since I was a child I hated having my pictures taken-I cried.

Okay, I can do this. I can be strong.  Let’s see what I have for pictures. Ugh! I have none that are acceptable. I need sexy pictures in various poses. Sexy does not mean crude. Nor does it include the dreaded duck or kissy face (men can’t stand that look-so don’t do it).

The photo shoot. Objective, to dazzle men with my best assets my legs, smile and exotic look. I decided to take pictures of myself because the instantaneous nature of it, the minimal cost and quality control. It is the Scorpio in me, I must confess-control freak.

Creativity and an artistic sense, however, is important to get the right pictures. Hints: Take many pictures (100’s if you must and experiment with light and props. Also make sure the background is acceptable (no dirty clothes on the floor, toilet seat up, etc). Certain people look at the background of the pictures-it tells all our dirty little secrets. Cropping on a photo program is very useful.

I’m done (1000 pictures later). Everything looks great I can upload the eight pictures to my profile. Now it’s time to make it live…Let’s see what happens…

Next time: The results are in…