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May 2013

Needless Markus The Dictator-Plenty of Freaks Online dating site

Needless Markus The Dictator-Plenty of Freaks Online dating site.

Needless Markus The Dictator-Plenty of Freaks Online dating site

I went back on Plenty of Freaks because I found that a free site is better than a paying site. It’s the same kind of people everyone is really looking for a good time. Apparently though known as a sex site Plenty of Freaks wants to clean up their act. They found GOD and now are reborn. Cleaning up their act getting rid of the Sex and concentrating only on relationships. Hmmmm….Reminds me of…

Needless Markus The Dictator (NMD) sent a mass mailing to all subscribers (he can mass mail but we will get our account deleted if we do it). In the letter it said the following:

1. “Intimate Encounters will be deleted. Only 6700 people will be affected by this”. We all know what this means; more liars pretending to want relationships. People will get around it if they don’t want to play by these stupid rules.

2. “You can only converse with people 14 years your junior/senior. A 50 year old shouldn’t be conversing with an 18 year old because it’s only about hooking up.” My take if you are 18 you are considered an adult and if two consenting adults want to speak to eachother then they should be able to. Mr Dictator – go to hell. As a 47 old NMD has ruled that I can’t converse with anyone younger than 33 yrs old. My dad married a woman 17 years his senior-good think he didn’t meet her on this site he would be banned and the Scarlett Letter would be branded on his chest.

3. “If you use the word f u c k or any mention sex in your emails your account will be deleted.” Big brother is watching you. Censorship is alive and well on Plenty of Freaks.

I find it contradictory. If you look at their advertisements it’s all about sex. It reminds me of a reformed addict who preaches the new gospel but still feeds his addiction with lies…






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