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February 2016

Strangers on a train: Dating or Whatever We Call It…

Source: Strangers on a train: Dating or Whatever We Call It…

Strangers on a train: Dating or Whatever We Call It…

On one of my adventures, that’s what life is about.

Single again I know I should enjoy my freedom of life alone but I’m bored so I jump on a dating site and window shop. I expand my search criteria to the maximum 500 miles. As I’m cruising through hundreds of profiles, I stop and look at one. He looks familiar. I know him, we exchanged pleasantries last January. He is a creative soul and very cute.

What the heck, I send him a quick note telling him that we chatted last year and I ask him   how he’s doing. He replies back saying he does remember me and that he will be in my town on Saturday morning. He’s going on a 3 week vacation around the country visiting family via Amtrak.

I reply back with: “Stop in and say hi or at least wave to me. I’m just 10 minutes away.”

He writes: “I would love to see you. The train arrives at 7:45 am and stops for 15 minutes so I can get off and we can walk around. If you want you can ride with me on the train a ways.”

“I would love to meet you and ride the train with you. I’ll book it.” I reply back.

He gives me his email and phone number and for the next week we talk. We have a lot in common, we’re both photographers, love to travel and we’re both very creative. I believe in fate. Last year was the wrong time to meet but now he’s going through my town. Strangers meet on a train. I have a date with destiny.

Life is always an adventure.


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